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Christ Upon the Waters

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The Day the Bomb Fell

Death & Resurrection

No. 04

Death & Resurrection

Leonard Cheshire VC (1978) | Bede Jarrett OP (1919)

We may imagine death will not happen to us. How should we prepare for death? How can we accompany the dying? Why do Christians look for life after death?


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About this book

Death and resurrection are inextricably linked. In this booklet, Leonard Cheshire’s Death and Bede Jarrett’s Resurrection are brought together to present both sides of the coin of what happens when we die. One is a more theological explanation and one is a personal experience.

Leonard Cheshire dedicated himself to serving in the Second World War in a remarkable and heroic way. He flew over a hundred bombing missions over Germany and occupied Europe and was awarded a string of decorations, including the Victoria Cross. Cheshire had made death a daily companion, but it was not until after the war, when he was called to the bedside of a dying comrade from the RAF, that he first saw it clearly, and recognised the value of accompanying the dying as a form of Christian love. The well-known “Cheshire Homes” for the disabled are a lasting memorial to his work.

Bede Jarrett was Provincial of the Dominican Order in England from 1916 until his death. His booklet on the resurrection offers a forensic defence of the teaching, and its relevance to ourselves. It is perhaps telling that it was first published in 1919, immediately after the Great War, when death and its sequels were a present reality for most of the population.

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