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A City Set on a Hill

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The Gunpowder Plot

Finding the Way Back

No. 08

Finding the Way Back

Francis Ripley (1959, 1963)

Many people stop going to church, for all sorts of reasons. A well-known preacher here asks us to think about coming back.


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About this book

Many people stop going to church, for all sorts of reasons. Francis Ripley was a well known preacher and in three different publications, he asks us to think about coming back.

Letter the Lapsed is a brisk text, which may appear dismissive of objections and problems, but was the standard tone at the time of the clergy to the laity. Meanwhile, Twelve Steps to the Catholic Church is a type of remarkably compressed shorthand apologetic that makes considerable demands of its readers. Finally, Signposts to the Church is a more expansive text

Signposts to the Church, a more expansive text, is a fine example of the style of apologetics of Catholic evangelisation at this time.

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